Kelsey Berg is the founder of Morgan Coaching & Consulting, providing services such as HR Consulting, Coaching, Onboarding, and Management and Leadership Development Programs.

She works with a wide variety of mid-career and executive level clients, focusing on 1-1 coaching designed to help clients meet their goals and become more successful, focused, and strong. Together, they build the skills needed to support lasting change by combining neuroscience, consciousness and brain-based coaching.

Through her years of coaching, Kelsey understands that the power of coaching is in the relationship, not the coach. Coaching provides an invaluable space for development. Taking a class may teach you a certain skill but the person is left to figure out how to make the change. Very typically the change is not sustained because the core internal behavior and thought processes remain.

Using Neuro based coaching helps build crucial connections and new neuropathways. This is often where coaching is most effective. By focusing attention on and repeatedly practicing new, desirable behaviors, leaders can redirect their brains’ chemical, hormonal, and physical resources to create new pathways. The old ones, meanwhile, wither from lack of use.
The brain becomes more flexible, which increases effectiveness and your ability to solve complex problems, become more effective and think more creatively.

Always learning and growing, Kelsey recently was certified in Neuro based coaching skills as a CNTC – Certified NeuroTransformational Coach. She became fascinated with neuroscience after experiencing some PTSD symptoms following a serious health scare. Through her healing, she learned that the brain is adaptable and pliable and can create new pathways of thinking. This led her to explore the ways she can use this knowledge to help clients change their negative thoughts into productive, positive life changes.

Kelsey lives in the Seattle area with her husband of 32 years, their much-adored dog (a rescue from Texas), and two cats who run the house. She and her husband have two grown daughters, two grandsons, and a granddaughter. She considers herself the opposite of a drama queen and loves her quiet life.