Kelsey is a top-notch HR professional with a deep understanding of the strategic importance of talent. From hiring strategies to employee development programs Kelsey understands how essential it is to develop and retain your key people. All with deep integrity and an ability to balance delivering results and doing the right thing for the organization.

Michelle G

Michelle Goedde Coaching

Kelsey Berg coached me during my onboarding process at Microsoft through the MCB Onboarding Program Career. She has an incredible ability to maximize the limited sessions and cover all essential elements that were key to optimal performance during my first quarter. Her coaching technique addressed uncertainties felt by a new hire; clear directions to significant productivity; cultural and social awareness and actionable components to success.

Eileen S


Kelsey was like a full-time member of our senior leadership team, while providing the value of a fractional Human Resources lead for us for several years during the crucial growth period in our company when every possible professional development, human resource, and recruitment issue that could ever arise did! She was such a pleasure to work with during her entire tenure with us. If I were building a company, or looking to hire a full time Human Capital leader for an established one, Kelsey would be the first person I would call and try to recruit away from whatever lucky company she was working for at the time. As asset to any organization, and its senior leadership team as well.

Clay M


I have had the opportunity to work with Kelsey for a number of years as a staffing partner for her HR recruiting needs. Kelsey always looks out for the best interest of her company and her team. Her expertise in human resources is enhanced by her integrity, intelligence, and open style of communication. Kelsey draws A-players to her team and is able to retain them over the long haul because of her collaborative leadership. She is a pleasure to work with!

Chris E

Big Wave Recruiting

Great honesty is seldom helpful without empathetic compassion, skillfully expressed in private, with a clear intent to care about the other person’s well-being. Kelsey, for these reasons and more, is a marvelous asset to our HR team. She has the rare ability to both support the needs of the company, the manager, and those of the individual. Kelsey is always a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Pete J


Kelsey is a well-rounded HR professional, capable of building and leading high performing generalists or recruiting teams. Her work ethic, pursuit of continuous improvement, and ability to build strong, trusting relationships made her an invaluable partner to our most demanding client groups.

Chelle W

Edwards Lifesciences

It has been a privilege and pleasure to work with Kelsey Berg. She exemplifies integrity, dedication and loyalty in all that she does. It is with resolute commitment to her clients, peers and leaders, that she establishes productive relationships and influences business decisions. She is well regarded by all who know and work with her and would add value to any team.

Kimberly E

Archer Field Inc.

Wow! Kelsey Berg rocked! Her coaching helped me get through my 90-day plan in 60 days. I have developed and gained leadership buy-in for a strategy that will likely now go global given the early success that we’re seeing.

Colm T


It’s me who should be saying thank you for the tremendous coaching, counsel and guidance you provided me.  I learned a ton during our engagements and you definitely helped make my on-boarding experience first class…I’m indebted.